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Video: Release of the Commission Report - Building U.S.-China Trust

Video: Release of the Commission Report - Building U.S.-China Trust

The U.S.-China Bi-National Commission on Trust-Building and Enhancing Relations released its report on fostering deeper U.S.-China understanding and improved ties through next generation programs, bringing in a greater variety of people and utilizing new technological platforms. read more»

Through Tinted Lenses? - Video from the conference exploring how Americans and Chinese see each other

The USC U.S.-China Institute conference focused on the images Chinese and Americans have of each other and each other's country. We also discussed the influence these perceptions have on the decision-making of governments, organizations, and individuals. (11/13/2013)

Video: The Obama – Xi Sunnylands Summit seen through the press and popular culture in the U.S. and China

The USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy and the USC U.S.–China Institute present a panel discussion to examine the media coverage and other behind the scenes details of the superpower summit.(9/23/2013)

Video: Academic Input and China’s Foreign Policy Making

Professor Ren Xiao from Fundan University discusses ways in which the academic and policy research community can impact China's foreign policies. (9/10/2014)

Assignment: China - Tiananmen Square

Brought by broadcast and print journalists into American homes, the images and ideas of the 1989 Beijing demonstrations and their violent suppression had tremendous impact on perceptions of China. (5/31/2014)

Video: Taiwan Pres. Ma Ying-jeou on Cross-Strait and US Ties, Followed by Los Angeles Discussion

Via video, Ma spoke to CSIS and other centers. His presentation and discussion was followed by analysis and commentary from Los Angeles and Taipei. (5/1/2014)

Video: Worsening Sino-Japan Relations: Implications for the US

Professor David Arase discusses Sino-Japan-US ties.(4/2/2014)

Video: Geoff Dyer - The Contest of the Century

Author Geoff Dyer discusses his new book, "The Contest of the Century," which is both an inside account of Beijing's new quest for influence and an explanation of how America can come out on top--an essential book for businessmen, politicians, financiers, and anyone interested in current world affairs.(2/18/2014)

Video: The Asia Pacific in 2014 - Rebalancing, Cross-strait Ties, and Regional Economic Integration

The world's largest economies border the Pacific, but territorial claims, trade disputes, military moves, and other issues have many worried. At USC on Feb. 7, expert observers discussed the policies and practices of key actors, how those are perceived, and the current and potential role of multilateral organizations in reducing tension, mediating disputes and promoting stability. A keynote address by Taiwan's former Defense Minister Andrew Yang opened the discussion.(2/20/2014)

Assignment: China -- USCI series on American reporting on China

How do we know what we know about China? The images most Americans hold of China were shaped by news coverage. Our multipart documentary series Assignment: China focuses on the journalists who have described the remarkable changes in China since the 1940s. (5/31/2014)

Video: China's High-Tech Surge - Investing in America and Innovation

Asia Society's conference on Chinese high technology investment in the United States.(5/5/2014)

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09/19/2014: Insight: The Path of Bodhidharma

Insight: The Path of Bodhidharma explores the portrayal of the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma (known as Daruma in Japan) and how this religious figure has become a popular icon through an array of objects from paintings and sculptures to decorative objects and toys.
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09/21/2014: 4th Annual A Day with Kung Fu Masters

The Joy of Kung Fu and USC Pacific Asia Museum present a panel discussion and demonstrations with Kung Fu masters.

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09/20/2014: Inland Chinese Association-Moon Festival celebration

Come meet your local Chinese business and community leaders at our annual Mid-Autumn/Moon festival Celebration!
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09/22/2014: Mapping from the Water: The Political Economy of the Selden Map

The Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of Califronia, Berkeley presents the colloquium "Mapping from the Water: The Political Economy of the Selden Map" co-sponsored by the Center for Chinese Studies on September 22 from 4:00-6 p.m.

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09/19/2014: 'The Fragrant and Bedazzling' 香豔: The Poetics of Sensuality in Late Imperial and Modern China

This talk focuses on two unprecedented surges in poetry on the subject of “xiangyan” 香豔 (fragrant and bedazzling) and related themes, each at the turn of century, the 17th century from the late Ming to the early Qing and the 19th century from the late Qing to early Republican China.
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09/19/2014: Digital Approaches to Late Imperial Chinese Literature: Exploring Quasi-historical Texts

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University presents a talk "Digital Approaches to Late Imperial Chinese Literature: Exploring Quasi-historical Texts" by Paul Vierthaler on Friday, September 19, 2014, 12:15pm to 1:30pm.

Through 09/28/2014: Shen Wei at Crow Collection of Asian Art

thumbnail In this exhibition presented by the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Shen Wei narrows his focus to a study of the grisaille palette and the expressive textures of oil paint. Meditations on landscape, the subtly beautiful, and the strange have long been the domain of literati artists in China. Shen Wei, with this new series, takes these meditations to new heights and profound depths.

Through 10/19/2014: China's Last Empire: The Art and Culture of the Qing Dynasty

thumbnail The University of Miami's Lowe Art Museum presents an artistic examination of the last empire in China's history.
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USCI introduces a new website - US-China Exchange

US-China Exchange offers a unique database of past and present exchange programs and is the go-to reference for all those interested in U.S.-China affairs and, especially, for those eager to link up with standard-bearers in U.S.-China exchanges and to learn from the best practices of others.(8/5/2014)

USC and China in the News

USC faculty, staff, students, and alumni from many disciplines are engaged in China and work on China. This work is frequently reported on and USC specialists are frequently consulted by news organizations. The links below provide summaries of these press mentions and links to the full stories. (7/2/2014)

Position Available: Outreach Assistant

The USC US-China Institute (USCI) is seeking a USC graduate student to assist in our teacher training program. Please see the post for details.(8/20/2014)

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